• They are perfect. A nice blend of laser-cutting and hand work (I can’t imagine how they use a laser to cut shiny stainless steel) – Glen, California
  • It is beautiful and will live on my workbench to be used daily as I apply the principle of the golden mean to my designing – Bob, Vermont
  • Box and calipers arrived safely…very classy. Will make a great gift – Graheme, New Zealand
  • The calipers are breathtakingly beautiful! I will show them off to my potter friends & teachers! – Michael, Australia
  • The caliper set arrived yesterday, and they’re gorgeous!!! – Dianne, Texas
  • They look and work great and I have already used them to help me design a decorative garden fence and gate – Scott, Utah
  • I just got my calipers and they are totally awesome – David, Ohio
  • Caliper and the box look very, very nice – Gerhard, Austria
  • The calliper has turned up and its great:) – Adam, Sweden
  • Received in great shape – very nice work – Scott, Texas

About the Golden Mean, and the Calipers

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