Large Golden Mean Calipers


Large: 12.6 inches Golden Mean Calipers

12.6 inches long. Measuring 2.3 inches to 23.2 inches change to mm

  • Handmade in New Zealand
  • Materials: brushed stainless steel, tightenable stainless-steel machine-screws
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Ships worldwide
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These are the largest calipers I make – just over a foot long. They are useful for larger projects, eg: furniture or large paintings. People usually buy these as a set of three… because that way you get the small ones free.

They are made from satin-finished laser-cut stainless steel with adjustable machine-screws. 100% New Zealand made.

The default packaging is layers of cardboard… cases are also available, but (compared to the other calipers), they use a lot of materials, and add a lot to postage weight, so to keep costs down I use cardboard packaging as default.

If you have any questions – feel free to get in touch. Nick Taylor

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