New Leaves and such

Back in Whanganui. The Wellington Makerspace phase came to a not terribly sudden end, and I’m Back In The New York Groove, as it were. Back to the small town from whence I sprang, where life is slower, and easier.

So I redesigned my website.

It’s always a bit traumatic is the old website-redesign, because even though the last one was a dog’s-breakfast, it’s entirely possible that people LIKED it being a dog’s-breakfast, and the new one is to polished etc, and nobody buys anything ever again.

It’s a worry.

I’ve decided to branch out into doing other things as well. Things like this:

Which is a little lamp.

I’m also going to save up and get my own CNC mill so I can make my own boxes. I’ve stopped selling them until I do… shouldn’t be too far off… couple of months maybe. One of these:

Will give me a whole lot more flexibility in what I can do… once I get the thing to work. The consensus seems to be that NONE of these things work out of the box… and it’s really tempting to just build your own, but the price of the off the shelf ones is less than the component parts (I think), if you buy them separately.

More tomorrow :)

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