Ancient Abandoned Alien Spaceship

golden_mean_spaceshipAbsolutely amazing photographs of the 100 year old Kelenföld Power Plant in Budapest, Hungary.

This is what the ancient ships from Dune etc should look like. Beautifully familiar, yet alien at the same time. This place should constitute an atemporal steam-punk-oid genre all on its own. A kind of Space-Deco.

I wonder how difficult it would be to get it going again… mind you, it looks like it should do so much more than simply control electricity production… it should be able to warp time – span galaxies.

Anyhoo… I’m not sure if the design has anything to do with the golden ratio, but the photos sure do. Beautifully photographed… and the photographer really knows about composition. The following photo for example could quite easily be a fairly mundane flight of stairs… but the light and the composition are fantastic. This is how it’s done.

More photos and a bit of background here.

Click any of these photos for big versions… this is the anamorphic, cinema-ratio one. Time… time… time…


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