Wake me up when it’s 2020

Okay, it’s 2020 now I guess.

I’ve been making Golden Mean Calipers for about 10 years now.

In 2019 I wrote 2 blog posts… that’s not enough to achieve the various purposes of writing blog posts, among which are:

– to learn what you think

– to show people you’re still alive

– to show google (et al) you’re still alive

– to maybe (hopefully) make the world a more interesting place

So I kindof need to do this… but I can’t just carry on “finding things that look like examples of the Golden Mean, then writing about them”. I can’t do that for over 10 years.

Need to do something different.


Instead of writing about The Golden Mean I’m going to write about art, and things that I find interesting. This time round, it’s for curiosity, which always was (I guess) my first love.

I’ll also try to include photos of what I’m up to in the workshop etc… tacked on the end, partly because people might find it interesting, partly because google might find it interesting.

We pray to the sky, we cry to the protector.

Welcome to 2020.

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