Late Packages

The flight-time from New Zealand to the EU is about 25 hours. To the USA, about 12. Internal flights, generally add about a day at either end. Customs often takes a couple of days.

So packages generally take 5-10 days to arrive.

Regardless of courier service, about 5% of packages arrive late.

If something is wrong, I will fix it

So – if a package is late, and you bought tracked postage – please refer to the tracking link that was sent when the package was shipped.

If you didn’t buy tracked postage… there isn’t a tracking code – the most I can do is provide the address where the packages was sent, and the date it was sent on… and how long (under normal circumstances) it should take to arrive. I’ve written a little program to work this out… see below. Any issues, please email me – address at bottom of page.

To see your shipping details, you’ll need to look at your confirmation email to find :

a) The Paypal transaction ID (looks similar to: 5N201612YT3078917)

or, if you used Amazon

b) The Amazon transaction ID (looks similar to: 113-8009167-6524207)

and enter it into this box:


Select your currency
USD United States (US) dollar
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