Set of 3 Calipers


Set of 3 Calipers


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Set of 3 Golden Mean Calipers : 12.6 inches, 7 inches, 4.6 inches

Measuring 1 inch to 23.2 inches change to mm

These sets of calipers are usually bought by artists and sculptors who have a wide range of measurements they need to make.

The default packaging is layers of cardboard… hardboard cases are also available, but (compared to the other calipers), they use a lot of materials, and add a lot to postage weight, so to keep costs down I use cardboard packaging as default.

  • Handmade in New Zealand
  • Satin-finished solid stainless-steel – tumble-polished for 2 days
  • Stainless steel machine-screws with brass inserts
  • Unique hardboard or acrylic case
  • Bespoke possibilities available
  • Lifetime guarantee – personal service
  • Shipping worldwide
  • They are perfect. A nice blend of laser-cutting and hand work (I can’t imagine how they use a laser to cut shiny stainless steel) – Glen, California
  • It is beautiful and will live on my workbench to be used daily as I apply the principle of the golden mean to my designing – Bob, Vermont
  • Box and calipers arrived safely…very classy. Will make a great gift – Graheme, New Zealand
  • The calipers are breathtakingly beautiful! I will show them off to my potter friends & teachers! – Michael, Australia
  • The caliper set arrived yesterday, and they’re gorgeous!!! – Dianne, Texas
  • They look and work great and I have already used them to help me design a decorative garden fence and gate – Scott, Utah
  • I just got my calipers and they are totally awesome – David, Ohio
  • Caliper and the box look very, very nice – Gerhard, Austria
  • The calliper has turned up and its great:) – Adam, Sweden
  • Received in great shape – very nice work – Scott, Texas

Why buy from Golden Mean Calipers?

Because we make the best quality Golden Mean Calipers in the world.

When you buy from us, you’re buying from the original designer, rather than a cheap, badly-made copy which will wear out quickly and reflect badly upon your business.

Everything we produce comes with a life-time guarantee… and if you have any questions, you get to talk to the original designer.

If there’s anything out of the ordinary you’d like… from bespoke logos (or materials) for the case, to specific design-requests, we’re happy to hear what you have in mind

If you have any questions – feel free to get in touch. Nick Taylor

Case Variations

Golden Mean Calipers - Set of 3
Golden Mean Calipers - Set of 3Golden Mean Calipers - Set of 3set_of_3_3
Cardboard postage packaging
Cardboard postal packagingCardboard postal packagingCardboard postal packaging
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