New Workshop

And of course when I say “New”, what I really mean is “about 4 months old”.

I’ve shifted house – now live in a small beach community about 40 minutes drive from the Capital… just far enough away to avoid the terrible weather.

The workshop is about 5 times the size of the last one, and I’ve completely filled it with junk already. Before that, this is the front lawn though:


Absolutely Glorious :)

It has fruit trees.


Although it is 4 x bigger than my last workshop, it has descended into chaos already. It used to look like this:


then this



(that’s my dad making me shelves for my birthday)

Until finally this happened:



Which is par for the course I guess – these days I am so overwhelmed with work that I get local artists etc to do the actual manufacturing… my own space is mainly for inventing things.

Still… check this out – my Brother’s place. He’s a proper engineer:


Now that is a work of true genius.

I don’t know what I’d do without him to be honest. He helps me out with all the really tricky technical stuff. My background is programming and design. And music I guess – he’s the one who’s really good with the material plane.

More or less:


Micro-Niece Ambush in the Italian.

So anyway… Christmas Eve here… I finally have time to write stuff… I’ll try to be a bit more active on this front in the new year :)

Meantime – I just invented these:


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