4 Armed Calipers

New Variant:

Golden Ratio Calipers

These calipers work by having an extra arm that bisects the smaller of the two ratios. A couple of people asked me for these… so after a whole ton of experimenting with different shapes, I settled on these.

There are a number of different options for the cases… available from the shop.


Hiya – if you contact me via the email at the bottom of the page, I can send you a quote, with photos of the various options.

Hiya – yes, that’s fine. I think you’ve already contacted me via email… will give a more in-depth reply to that.

Nick did you ever figure out how people use these four-armed calipers with the 0.618 bisection?

Hiya – yea, they’re used for doing micro-blading… the 4th arm marks the mid-point between the eyebrows.

Might be used for other things as well – but that seems to be the main reason.

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