New Workshop

And of course when I say “New”, what I really mean is “about 4 months old”.


I’ve shifted house – now live in a small beach community about 40 minutes drive from the Capital… just far enough away to avoid the terrible weather.

20151214_140115The workshop is about 5 times the size of the last one, and I’ve completely filled it with junk already. Before that, this is the front lawn though:

Absolutely Glorious :)

It has fruit trees.

20150803_161206Although it is 4 x bigger than my last workshop, it has descended into chaos already. It used to look like this.

then this

(that’s my dad making me shelves for my birthday)

Until finally this happened:


Which is par for the course I guess – these days I am so overwhelmed with work that I get local artists etc to do the actual manufacturing… my own space is mainly for inventing things.

Still… check this out – my Brother’s place. He’s a proper engineer:

Now that is a work of true genius.

I don’t know what I’d do without him to be honest. He helps me out with all the really tricky technical stuff. My background is programming and design. And music I guess – he’s the one who’s really good with the material plane.

More or less:

micro-niece-ambushMicro-Niece Ambush in the Italian.

So anyway… Christmas Eve here… I finally have time to write stuff… I’ll try to be a bit more active on this front in the new year :)

Meantime – I just invented these:

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