Day-Glo Cases

Having upgraded all the photos, I can’t help thinking the whole thing looks a bit monochrome, so (with a little help from my friends), I’ve launched a new selection of day-glo cases.

Microblading Compass

These are basically the same cases as before, but with a single layer of day-glo acrylic. This gives a subtler and more interesting effect than making the whole case day-glo. For some reason, there only seems to be 3 day-glo acrylic colours… I guess I could do this with any colour, but the brighter ones have a bit more zing.

Golden Mean Guage

2 thoughts on “Day-Glo Cases

  1. Greetings
    You have a great product…….on my wishlist for sure.

  2. Very nice work with all of your product.
    Definitely on my wishlist.
    David S.

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