Golden Rectangle Icosahedron

A little while ago I came across this… If you take 3 golden-mean rectangles, intersecting on three different planes, you wind up with a perfect icosahedron… a 20 sided Platonic Solid. Cool.. So I made one. So there you go. The ratios of the sides of each rectangle is exactly the same as the ratios […]

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Ultra-Fast Laser Cutter

Fairly tangential connection to The Golden Mean with this one… other than the resulting artwork (by Andy Gikling) being based on a Fibonacci Spiral… … which is cool, but the laser-cutter used is utterly incredible. Check this out: (via) The Golden Mean Calipers I make are made from laser-cut stainless steel… all of the cases […]

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The Lewis Chessmen

I think these are the coolest chess-people ever invented: Vikings. About 900 years old, discovered (some say by a cow) in a remote Scottish isle, about 200 year ago. Documentary here: The Lewis Chessmen – seemingly originating from Trondheim, Norway in the 12th Century. 93 of them – which would tend to suggest they belonged […]

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Artichoke Zoetrope

Which is a new thing from John Edmark, who makes amazing 3D printed Zoetropey devices: For which he has kindly made an instructables page. I’ve been following his stuff for a while now – was hoping he’d try the zoetrope thing with a pinecone or a sunflower or something – but if you’ve got an […]

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The Golden Ratio and Eyebrows

Another day, another tectonic shift, coming from the most unexpected of directions. Paulina Gaitan – who is one of my favourite actresses on the planet… largely because of her role in Sin Nombre, which is great. I have thing for South/Central American movies. What she does is so beautifully understated it makes her hollywood peers […]

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