I think I might do a blog thing for this as well

Little bits and pieces keep happening… people might find it interesting.

Right now I’m sitting in the window of a caf in Cuba Street in Wellington. Cuba St is where the hipsters hang out. Martin Freeman came in earlier. He’s not a hipster, he’s a hobbit, and he had two small children in tow. Micro-hobbits… I don’t even know what you call those. Borrowers maybe. Big Borrowers. Always stealing cotton-reels and matchboxes.

Still, whatever. Pictures of the caf and the street outside.

I think I might move here actually.

But anyway… running a blog takes a fair bit of anti-procrastinatory will-power, a core-skill with which I find myself despairingly deficit… and I already run two other blogs. However, here it is. For all your news regarding a new-economy maker-cottage-industry.

RSS here.

I’ll make a proper post tomorrow.

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