Who’s picture is this then?


I pinched this for my little brochure-book thing… as an example of Golden-Mean Art… this is one of the modern examples… as opposed to this say:

Which is a Vermeer from “The Golden Age” of gilding.

I’ve tried googling it (can’t even find where I originally found it), tried uploading it to Tinyeye which does reverse image-searches… cannae find it.

Everything is not (yet) findable on the internet.

Found this though…

… apparently there’s a fern on Pandora, called a Fibonacci – which the (blue) locals use to make (blue) paint, for painting things blue, which is their favorite colour.

I can tell without even measuring it though, that that fern-spiral is not fibonacci… the radius is a lot tighter than 1.68. More like 1.2 I’d say. Amateurs.

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