Been busy… kindof. Busy in a waiting around sort of way. Slow suppliers are the bane of my life. That’s the thing about fast-turnover/low-inventory internet businesses… you’re at the mercy of the supply chain… suddenly it’s Thursday and Nothing Gets Done On Friday, and then it’s the weekend and you’ve lost another 4 days – so you’ve got to go back all-apologies to your customers, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Anyway… been making little brochures and booklets and whatnot. I’m going to include one of the little brochure things (they’re about the size of a business card) in each box…

Basically consisting of a bunch of little pictures of Golden-Mean things. The brochure I’m getting done at a local printers – the booklet… I’m not sure if I’ll use these to be honest. I got them done at – and they only cost a couple of dollars each… but they don’t have a web-interface – you have to download a bit of software, and I had all manner of hassles trying to upload the things. They sent me about 100 emails reminding me that “my discount was due to expire”, but by the time I’d finally got the thing uploaded, I lacked confidence in the robustness of their process… it was kindof “no that’s ok, if I touch it I’ll probably break it again”.

Not sure how fair that is, but there you go.

When the little brochures are (finally) done, THEN I’ll start approaching retailers.

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