Handy Free Golden Mean Tool

For web stuff.

I say free – it comes from the Internet… and now I’m not so sure where. Wikipedia probably Still. You can’t patent 4000 year old mathematical functions.

It’s this – and it works really well. A transparent golden-mean-spiral (The one that you download is massive. This is a little version)

If you right-click (or whatever it is you do) and save this locally, you can drag it into photoshop (or whatever it is you use) as a layer… and make everything look balanced and beautiful.

Mind you, if you’re anything like me, you’re already (roughly) balanced and beautiful – in which case you can use this transparent png to prove it. See?

That’s me on day 2 of caffeine withdrawal. Holy mother of moses that stuff interferes with me. I can only squintily see through one eye, and I feel absolutely terrible. Well balanced though.

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