Golden Mean Furniture

Gorgeous deco-ey looking chest of drawers

Although that last one does remind me a bit of a Guild Navigator off Dune

Say what you like about that film, the sets were excellent. They had this whole art-deco thing extruded out into something entirely new. If it had had a simpler story (Dune is a very very difficult one to take on) then it could have been a new Alien (the HR Giger one). Mind you, I think Giger has had various shots at Dune stuff… eg:

Not that that has anything to do with The Golden Mean mind (apart from the tank-thing’s elbow and fist being where golden mean lines cross), but you know… you can’t always talk about what you’re supposed to be talking about.

Speaking of Deco – check out these Super-Hero posters re-imagined as 20th C Modern Art

The golden mean only works sideways in this one… the vertical lines are other ratios – but you know… breaking the rules is a language of its own… it creates tension and possibility and whatnot. I mean check out the fantastically impossible figure of Victorian proto-feminist Lady Colin Campbell

That does nonetheless have a kind of balance, so gets away with it.

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