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I didn’t realise that the numbers of spirals in multi-spiral life-forms conformed to Fibonacci as well… I thought it was just the pattern.

The more I think about this, the more I suspect that Phi is a simple number to represent in the Arithmetic-Logic Unit equivalent of DNA… so the representation isn’t numerical, it’s geometric or structural… so (for example) if it wants to represent the number 3… it doesn’t use “3”, it uses a triangle.

Probably over-simplification… it may not use a triangle at all… it may actually use the 3 spheres stuck together forming a triangular shape… or not, but whatever – there must be something about Phi that makes it easy for DNA to represent… because it sure ain’t storing it as

and it turns up everywhere. If DNA is using physical geometry as a method of storing or processing numbers, then the esoteric theories about Platonic Solids, and certain aspects of sacred geometry may have some analogue in physical reality.

The reason why I mentioned the idea of 3 being represented not as a triangle, but the intersections of 3 spheres, is because of this

If you’re interested in this stuff, it’s worth taking a cruise around the zen magnet/bucky ball videos on youtube. Some of them are amazing… and they do kindof resonate with (some) physical chemistry/physics at quite a low level.

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