New Caliper Case Photos

Since about 1/3 of everything I sell goes via Amazon, I figured I probably ought to put the cases up on Amazon as well.

People mainly buy the curvy front ones, which (entirely by accident) work like a very simple Chinese puzzle – ie: you have to slide both halves in opposite directions at the same time to open them. Otherwise they stay shut.

Anyway, I got a proper grown-up photographer to take the photos, and these are the photos he took:

Quite strange – there seems to be a fashion at the mo for de-saturating things… and to me it kindof makes everything look a bit like cgi. This is a photo that I took of the same box…

golden_mean_caliper_cases06If left to my own devices, I kindof over-saturate/contrast things, and have odd bits of tungsten light bouncing about. Then again, I’m utterly incapable of photographing things the same way twice.

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