Golden Ratio Stuff On Etsy

Some quite cool / fun stuff on Etsy recently…

golden_ratio_table golden_ratio_table2

The one that really jumped out being this table which is totally gorgeous, and could (with a massive stretch of the imagination) be made with the building-blocks for kids

golden_ratio_blocks, here

Although I would have thought that golden-ratio stuff doesn’t tessellate terribly well.

golden_ratio_cookiesGOLDEN MEAN COOKIE CUTTERS!

For making Golden Ratio Cookies, that get smaller and smaller, like little square fractals until you finally wind up splitting the atom. 3D Printed as well apparently, which means I suppose 3D printers are at last being used for something vaguely useful.

I’m not sure if I’ve gone on about this before, but there’s also a golden-ratio balalaika type thing which looks pretty cool:


I’ve started (as I’ve possibly mentioned) making golden ratio (after a fashion) instruments myself (here : – which are alas, FAR too terrible to sell to anyone at this point – I think I’ll need to make about 6 of them before I can do that. So far, I’ve made 2 :)

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