Apple Logo

As discovered by Szabolcs Bakos from DBN

apple_logo_golden_ratioWhich is quite a neat analysis – using fibonacci ratioed circles rather than the lines that I alway tend to use.

I think I might have mentioned an apple logo before – the cloud?

Yea – here. Where I was more interested in accuracy/confirmation-bias etc. My theories about there being about a 3% margin of error – which to be fair, is a number I pulled out of the clear blue sky, but it seems near enough.

The sphere-analysis is quite interesting though – I wonder if it’s possible to take any simple shape and reduce it to a series of phi-ratioed spheres. I’ve occasionally thought that human beauty can be reduced to a set of simple quadratic equations. For some reason the spherical analysis reminds me of the way Ancient Egyptians are thought to have done mathematics – they used a kind of binary system.

largeElsewhere, Soneek Edgeogg

Not sure where that one came from – turned up on twitter etc.

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