Silicone caps

So it turns out (and this is a bit of a surprise), golden mean calipers are quite popular with plastic surgeons…
and one thing they’ve asked for, is little protective caps for the points so they’re not going near people’s faces with scary metal pointy things.


there they are. They come in little plastic packs… which is to say I buy 1000 at a time, and have to sort them into little plastic bags like a drug dealer or something.

I now include these with every 180mm long set of calipers. They look a bit like this – though this is an experimental (slightly smaller) set of calipers – where I tried to laser-engrave a logo… and that didn’t work at all. Quite a lot of trialing and erroring goes into these things.

Apropos of nothing, here is a picture of the NZ houses of parliament, shortly before this protest thing that I went on by mistake a couple of days ago.

And here’s a picture of an amanita toadstool growing on my front lawn. It’s that sort of lawn.

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