Golden Mean iPhone App

Well there you go:

An iPhone app for measuring the golden mean in px.

Does other ratios as well – eg: 16:9 – which is the standard size for video etc. Must admit I’m a bit of a fan of Anamorphic (2.35:1) though – which is what epic movies use… eg, this is Standard 16/9:

and this is Anamorphic 2.35/1

So the golden mean ain’t the only ratio on town.

It gets around though – eg, Apples new iCloud page… I haven’t done any actual measuring, but the whole thing “rings” with golden mean to me.

The developer of the iPhone app links to an interesting article (if you’re a web-dev, and a maths-geek :)) on using the golden mean and modular-scales in web-design and typography. An example of this is on the iPhone app site… eg:

I use the golden mean in design… a bit. Not to the degree of specificity in the article above – but I’d have to admit that it does work. I’ve got this theory that there’s a margin of error (or degree of freedom) of about 3% – and anything within this still kindof conforms. I think maybe if you’re dealing with things that are more fundamentally mathematical – like font-sizes or musical harmonics, then maybe accuracy comes into play.

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