Experimental Calipers Offer…

These have now sold out – if you are interested in me making some more… email me here

So I made the touchy-tip calipers… which are specifically for cosmetic surgeons a while back… and have been dithering… they’re not 100% what I had in mind – they are capable of measuring far smaller distances… but as the tips get closer together, the resolution goes a bit wonky. If you’re doing really small stuff, it’s probably best to take a photo and blow it up.

Anyhoo… they look like this:

Because these are for measuring people’s faces, I’ve made the tips into little blobs, twisted 90%. This makes them a little less scary. Pre-twist, they look like this:

Another reason why I’m suffering doubt over this one is that instead of being “2-layers thick”, they’re actually 4…

… but they’re still rivited together with a 2-layer rivet. I tried using spacers and a 4 layer rivet… but this made the whole thing less precise… so 2 it is.


… there it is. It’s been pointed out to me that I should really be letting other people judge what they think etc… so, I have 3 sets of these experimental calipers to go to good homes, for the extra-special beta-price of $25… which will cover my costs, and the costs of postage etc. It would be really useful to have some feedback.

If I find that a lot more people would like to try them, I’ll get 10 more made… a mixture of pointy and blobby tipped… and if people like them, then I’ll put them into proper production.

Any queries, please get in touch

(These calipers are 150mm, 6 inches long and hand-made from 1.5mm laser-cut, brushed stainless steel. Come in the same little wood-wool filled, cardboard gift-box as the others.)

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