Limited Run : Neon Colour Range

I was tinkering with these colours a while back… and then someone with exceptional taste and style made a big order for a whole range of coloured ones… and every one was all “ooh!!!”


So I made some for the local art gallery – and they all sold as well.

So I made enquiries about getting a lot more of that type of acrylic… and most of it is either in fairly limited supply, or sold out completely. My normal acrylic suppliers just laughed.

New Zealand is one of those countries that “runs out of things”. The screws and the magnets for example… I quite often have search in Australia to find them. Acrylic (weirdly enough) is quite heavy… so costs a lot to ship, so doesn’t tend to come in to the country unless someone’s buying an entire shipping container all at the same time – and the rest of us are left with the offcuts.

But anyway, I really like these – I had some fairly glam/dramatic photos taken by a proper art photographer : Richard Wotton…

Golden Ratio Calipers

It’s really hard photographing the Neon Pink and Neon Green… they’re made out of this magical material that changes colour depending on the colour of the background.

The video is a square format – mainly because I shot it on kitchen bench, and there wasn’t enough space to make in all wide and panoramic.

Anyhoo – if you like them, they’re available here.

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