I’m putting together a series of product videos… one for each of the 10 or so different calipers that I make. They will all look kindof the same… they’re mainly for embedding in shop pages and so on. Because they’ll all look kindof the same, I’ve made a separate youtube channel so subscribers don’t lose their minds with boredom. Anyhoo… I’m quite pleased with the first one. At the very least, it’s got quite good music… just me on a guitar playing through echoes and reverbs etc. While I was doing this, I revisited this image I made by averaging/mirroring a couple of others. It’s probably the most successful (in terms of proliferation over the web) thing that I’ve ever done. In the last month or so I’ve been trying to re-write (ie: make readable) this peer-reviewed article about the golden mean and facial proportions. It’s quite tricky though, because…

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golden ratio calipers

I’ve been tinkering with movies etc today, and (while I was waiting for things to render) played about with one of the stills and made a poster. I don’t know if I’ll ever turn it into an actual poster. If anyone is interested though – let me know how big you want it, and I’ll do some costings etc. Alternatively, I could just send you an epic big file and you could get someone local to print it out for you. I made one with black at the sides for Instagram, because they (for reasons that remain unexplained) only use square photos. Just like the ones taken by no cameras anywhere in the entire universe ever.

Golden Ratio Owl

In which Nick Taylor attempts to upgrade his Amazon photos, which is both a fiasco and a hassle. A fiassle, if you will.

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Navigation Calipers

In which a shiny new product is introduced… created with a hair-raisingly complicated but quite entertaining software package.

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