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Case Upgrades

So I was down the wood-shop the yesterday, and the wood-shop guy said “I thought we’d seen the last of this, but they’re now pulling old logs out of the bush helicopters”. Rimu. They’ve stopped making it – which is to say, New Zealand only allows sustainably logged timber – which means “plant one; fell […]
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Fantastic Space Rock Instrument

Which has nothing to do with the Golden Ratio (I suspect), although the two resonators look as though they could be close. Sounds amazing though – like Led Zepplin crossed with one of those pan-flute bands, and dialled forward a couple of centuries. Sounds like it’s got all sorts of digital effects on it. (but […]
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Have started making protractors. Specifically for use by cosmetic surgeons, but they could be used for lots of different angle-measuring purposes. They can measure internal and external angles (acute and obtuse)… which is useful for measuring the angle between nose and face for example. I haven’t seen designs quite like this before – protractors are […]
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Amazing swivelly sculpture thing, made by John Edmark. Spin it one way and it makes a nice neat shell/leaf-like shape, spin it the other and it falls into the Fibonnaci configuration that plants use to maximise sunlight hitting their leaves. He also does lots of other Fibonnaci-based sculptures: He has quite a lot of other […]
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Evolving Packaging

Catching up… So July happened… somebody said something nice about me on the internets, and I sold about a months worth of stock in 6 hours, then again in the next 6 hours, and again, and again. Ran out of everything, my Amazon account got locked and I’ve basically spent about a month trying to […]
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