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4_cases2It’s been most ludicrous busy… I have about 4 different products ready to launch… a bunch of different caliper cases, and calipers and whatnot… but to do all that I need to take photos, and reorganise the web-site so there are categories etc.

Still… done. I think.

The photo above are a collection of sheath-type cases… the calipers slide in the top. Quite simple etc – I make them myself with a laser-cutter… bit of sanding, bit of glueing, bit of polishing, bit of oiling. I can put pretty much any design you can dream up on them… I’ve made up a bunch though. Playing with designs is one of my favourite things to do.

What it does mean though… at last… is that there’s finally a caliper-case for the big ones – something that’s been sorely lacking for the last couple of years.

Still… more tomorrow, now I’ve got the new structure sorted out.


Hi, I would like the triple set of calipers but with the sliding lid design can you let me know how to get them with this case and costs to the UK many thanks


I only make the ones available in the shop – I’ve stopped doing the rimu/mdf ones completely… partly because they were too prone to warping, partly because the wood itself is a native species (quite rightly) protected by a “plant one, log one” policy… so now the main source is logs pulled out of the bush one at a time, by helicopter.

They’re only getting about 10% of them – but they’ve gotten to be a LOT more expensive – and that combined with the warping issue with about half of the wood winding up going in the bin… the whole thing became untenable.

Sorry about that.

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