A Sea of Accidental Stars

So the fates have conspired… in the shape of a bungle, and I now have a HUGE number of the 5-part Star Calipers

So those are for sale again… here.

A couple of the photos here also show the sliding top box… which isn’t included, but which is also available from the shop…

… or will be when my laser-cutter is back online again, because it has blown up AGAIN.

This happens a lot. If you’re going to run a business off the back of a laser-cutter, you really need two of them – especially in NZ, because if something goes wrong here and you need a part from overseas, you’re basically out of commission for a month. They pretend things get from A to B faster than that, but they never do.

Still… The Star Calipers are now accidentally available again… so that’s good news :)


Hello, I have gotten a hold of a couple of calipers that I have never seen and can’t find information on. I was wondering if you could look at them and point me in the right direction.

Hiya – if you send me photos I might be able to help

My email address is in the footer of this site.

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