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New Case Design

Basically a recombo of existing materials, but it looks so cool I think I might make this my main case. I’m getting some injection-moulded polyprop cases made… which I’ll hopefully be able to laser-engrave. I’ve never tried to engrave polyprop before. It’s a bit of a nightmare to cut – it melts rather than burning… […]
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Golden Ratio Calipers : Belated Update

So everything went a bit mad last November, and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since… which is why I’ve only managed to do two blog posts this entire year. So… I’m not really into the whole employer/employee thing – so have 7 sub-contractors, fellow micro-businesses… two proper industrial-design guys (Glen and Grant) full […]
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Gorgeous Golden Ratio Colouring Book

I’ve had lots of people say “hey, have you seen this?”… A kickstarter campaign for utterly gorgeous drawings by Venezuelan architect Rafael Araujo. All painstakingly hand-drawn, with the guides etc all left in place, turned into a colouring-in book. Reminds me of a cross between Vitruvian Man and some of Rodney Matthews more delicate stuff […]
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4 Armed Calipers

New Variant: These calipers work by having an extra arm that bisects the smaller of the two ratios. A couple of people asked me for these… so after a whole ton of experimenting with different shapes, I settled on these. There are a number of different options for the cases… available from the shop.
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New Workshop

And of course when I say “New”, what I really mean is “about 4 months old”. I’ve shifted house – now live in a small beach community about 40 minutes drive from the Capital… just far enough away to avoid the terrible weather. The workshop is about 5 times the size of the last one, […]
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